Grading Syllabus

For all the syllabus content please see your YSSKWU UK Members Handbook & Grading Syllabus 2020.


You should have a copy of this indispensable book for your Karate study. It is a requirement that you own your own copy by the time you reach 3rd Kyu (1st Brown Belt).


The book in packed with all the history or Karate, right back to its roots in Okinawa. There are many pages of reading that will improve your knowledge of Karate-do and the Japanese language.


Counting, stances, techniques, dojo etiquette, the Masters, historical lineage, kata and the grading syllabus for each belt.


It is available from the association Chief Instructor (at the Open Courses) or your own Sensei at the club.


It is priced at £20.00