July 2015

3rd July 2015

3rd July 2015

Cory Brereton

Congratulations to Cory on achieving his Orange Belt. This was highly deserved and all in attendance would agree that Cory had to put a “shift” in to pass the grade. He attained a very good pass and it was a pleasure to award the grade, he always works hard in class and turns up twice, sometimes three times a week. Well Done, again, Cory

It is also with great pleasure I  announce that he has also passed his Army Assessment days (which were just before grading by the way) and he will be leaving us to join the Army College in September. I am sure, like me, you will all wish him well for the future, he will be staying with the club until he joins the Army and I hope that he will continue to visit us all during his leave periods.

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