Fight Club, February 2016

Well done to those that attended the fight club session on Saturday the 6th of Feb. I Would like to have seen more students there but still a decent turn out, those that have attended both sessions have really shown improvements and have shown they are committed to entering Comps and doing well. Some of the students should hold their own with no problems come competition time if they put into practice what they have learnt.

See Gallery for photos.

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  1. dave parish on 12th March 2016 at 10:50 am

    Don’t know if this is the right place to write a review for this superb karate club( sure sensei Steve Buckley will tell me if it isn’t).For anyone who may have just come across this website by mistake and never given taking up karate a thought, join the club. I was 49years old and a heavy smoker for more than 30years.After finally giving up i needed some sort of activity to take my mind off the cigs and also get myself a bit fitter, so like you do i just googled karate clubs in my area and up came OSKA ran by Sensei Steve Buckley(2nd Dan at the time). Nervously i attended my first class, there was only about 5 people there, every one really freindly and welcoming.The workout and training was really hard and rewarding.That was 3years ago, since that 1st lesson i was hooked. I have progressed steadily up to brown belt with the patience, help and expertise of sensei Buckley(now a 3rd Dan).The club itself has grown to regular classes of approximately 20 adults and about 20 kids twice a week.Steve has the ability to make everyone welcome, his classes are hard work but fun,sometimes bordering on chaotic during the kids class, ably assisted by Sami(1st Dan) and Big Steve( 3rd kyu/Brown Belt).I have entered competitions and done stuff i never thought i would. This club has changed my life, i’ve made friends for life and got myself fit.So get yourself down!!

  2. Steve Buckley on 4th October 2016 at 8:07 pm

    Thank You for the Kind words Dave.You have been great to have in the club and teach and always put the work in. Like you, i was a late starter to Karate compared to other people that i know. The good thing about karate is that everyone starts by coming through the door at the same level, and that is, the hardest part the actual coming through the door for the first time and giving it a go.

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