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Grading 28th November 2015

Well done to all those that graded, some excellent grades from both Adults and Children. A special mention to Dave Parish and Steve Brereton on a demanding grading which had them working for over 90 minutes with a break of 2 minutes, a well deserved and hard earned brown belt.

Well done all and keep training, do not slack off. We will be having some fighting lessons on the Friday nights up until the Xmas close down, so get down to Beswick and make use of the Kumite mats. I know those that have been down on Fridays are enjoying the mats and the adults are enjoying being thrown about by one and other 🙂

Grading 28th November 2015


The Following are the only club members who qualify for grading this time:


Attempting 8th Kyu  (Yellow)

Olivia Sherman -Byrne

Abdullah Alkandari

Omar Alkandari

Zac Anderson

Dua Yousaf

Eesa Yousaf

Abrahim Yousaf

Ali Yousaf

Attempting 7th Kyu  (Orange)

Richard Clapperton

Attempting 5th Kyu  (Blue)

Leon Rockhead

Attempting 3rd Kyu  (Brown)

Dave Parish

Steve Brereton


You should all know the requirements to enable you to attempt to grade and unfortunately some of you at the club have not fulfilled the below points

A, Managed to attend the required amount of lessons to grade

B, Do not know the syllabus to the required standard  (see above, if you attend the lessons then this would not be an issue)


New 8th Kyus

Congratulations to those that recently graded to 8th kyu. I am sure that they will agree that they had to put some hard work in on the day to be awarded a pass mark.It is always pleasing when you see the graders come away with a good sweat on and they know themselves that the belt has been earned and not just awarded.

Andrew Thierens Snr
Andrew Thierens Jnr
Goncarlo Baco
Thiago Baco





For those that qualify, the club grading will take place on Saturday the 28th of November at Sporting Edge. You are reminded that it is your responsibility to make sure you have applied for your licence in good time… no licence, no grading. If in doubt see myself in club asap.