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Openshaw Shukokai Karate Club

is a member of

Yamada-ha Shito-ryu Shukokai Karate-do Union (UK)

East Manchester's Karate Club

Chief Instructor:- Steve Buckley 5th Dan

"If you leave the main stream your river of knowledge will dry up"

Denis Casey Sensei  

Dan Grading - May 2019

Steve Buckley receiving his Yondan grade, and Steve Brereton receiving his Nidan grade from the YSSKU UK Grading Panel.

Top row from left to right; Denis Casey sensei (8th Dan), Steve Buckley, Sion Williams, Steve Brereton, Josh Foden, Richard Clapperton, Tony Wright, Ravinthiran Thirunavukkarasu and Tony Grainger sensei (7th Dan).

Front row are all the cadets.


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Call Steve on: 07703 924330  •  Email: stevebucko1@hotmail.com 

YSSKWU UK Child Protection and Safeguarding Officer:

Kyoshi Steve Beveridge (6th Dan):

Email: cpo.ssuk@msn.com

Phone: 07799 827017


(Steve is a retired Police Officer and now has his own Karate Dojo at Wyke in Hull. He is the CPO for the whole YSSKWU UK association)